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Note: This blog is also on my MySpace page, so if you’ve already read that one you don’t have to read this one.  Go grab a glass of wine and Crooked Little Vein and have a great night.

Book review stuff

Okay. So I have another book review up at sonar4 ezine. They have a new format, much easier to navigate. Check it out.

Detroit Stand Up stuff

Detroit Stand Up is coming along. I know, when you go there you don’t see any content to speak of. That’s because we’re not live yet…April 1 is The Day, mark your calendars.

…the open mic calendar’s not up yet because I’ve been a slacker about that, sorry all. It’ll be up and working by next Wednesday.

There. Now I have a deadline.

Speaking of deadlines, if you’re supposed to send me something and haven’t then please get it in by the 22nd. I’m begging you guys here.

Speaking of editorial oversight (yeah, we weren’t. So bite me), I’m working on a couple of pieces for DSU that I’d like to have at least one other person review before I embarrass myself by posting them. If you’re interested in taking a look and giving me feedback, let me know ASAP. I’ll send them to you Tuesday the 24th and I’d need your input by the following Friday.

There are some cool-comedy-things-around-town-type things posted in ‘Shows’ on the DSU site (the tab’s in the upper RH corner, check it out). We’re adding items daily, so check back often.

If you have a cool show coming up in April or May, let me know and I’ll post it. Hell yeah I will.

Under the ‘DSU-2’ tab I’ve added logos from our advertisers. We get like a 1-5% kickback for anything you buy from them after clicking through from DSU. So if you’re looking for that first edition of Une Semaine de Bonté and were going to alibris.com anyway, then you should do it through our site so we can maybe raise our contributors’ pay to a whole $2.50/article.

COMEDY CLUB OWNERS: send me your logos and upcoming shows! -or even just permission to pull the stuff from your site. It’s free advertising, yo. Like, 100% free, no strings attached. But I can’t do it without permission, so, you know: if it’s okay then let me know. C’mon now.

Show stuff

I’ll be performing at Flor y Canto at the Michigan League in Ann Arbor on April 2. Drop me a line if you want more info. This is a multicultural women’s spoken-word program being put on by U of M minority sororities. Lots of slam, lots of non-slam poetry, a couple of one-woman-show-type things.

The abortion jokes should be a big hit.

Other stuff

SE Michigan authors: if you are a slipstream, magic realism, steampunk, surrealism or interstitial writer get in touch. I’m starting a writers’ group for us right here in Detroit. I mean, look at our town. Look at our state. We live in what should be an interstitial fiction Mecca. It’s a damn shame that we don’t have a group like this already, so let’s get on it.

Heads-up: this isn’t so much a sword-and-sorcery, reworked fairy tale, or standard sci-fi or horror sort of thing. We’ll take people who’ve written in any form or genre but this particular group is entirely to develop slipstream et al writing skills.

Our first meeting will be at the end of May, exact date tbd, exact location tbd but it will be somewhere in Detroit proper. I’ll find us a central location, easy freeway access, bus line too, yada yada yada so you’ll have no excuse.

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