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Dora BadgerSo: lately I’ve been feeling validated all over the place, except when I’m not.

I’ve been hired on as the copy editor at Sonar4.  I still need to post my bio, but I’m the copy editor, I swear.  Which means, of course, that if you see any grammatical errors in the current issue they’re all on me.

The Ladies of Horror anthology will be released on Halloween.  The book features my story “Trouble the Water”, and will be available in both a print and an electronic version.  Hit me up for details.

Since there wasn’t space in the book, I’d like to use this space to thank all of the members of AWG for the critiques and the support.  I’d especially like to thank Susan Hall-Balduf of the Free Press for pointing out that my main character needed a kick in the ass.  And of course, thanks to my family (but you guys knew that).

The web design business is finally starting to take off.  I’m booked through the first week of November, but if anyone’s looking for a website feel free to get in touch and we can work something out.

I have a bunch of really fun shows coming up, and if you’re in the area you should check ’em out:

Friday, Oct. 17 I’ll be @ a bar in Maybee, MI.  Showtime: 9 pm. I don’t know the name of the place (oops) but it’s at 7717 Blue Bush Road in Maybee.  I’m performing with E2 and Frank Roche, so you know this show is going to be nasterrific.

Saturday, Oct. 24 I’ll be back in Melvindale @ Jake’s Crossroads Bar.  This is a great room and pretty close to the perfect bar open mic.  The crowd is made up entirely of rowdy drunks, but at least they’re paying attention – and if you tell them to, they usually shut the hell up.  AND, the show is FREE and followed by karaoke.  Seriously, it’s a good time.  The show starts at 10, karaoke starts at 11:30.

Saturday, Oct. 31 I’m doing a Halloween show at DB Coopers in Madison Heights.  This show is being put together by Ed Buehner, and it’s gonna rock like CRAZY. Really. Show details coming ASAP.

Thursday, Nov. 19 will find me hitting some open mics in Chicago. YEP, I’m finally heading the hell out of Michigan for a minute.  I’ll have more info in a week or so and will post details as soon as I’ve got ’em.

Tuesday, Nov. 24 is the Token White Boy Comedy Show @ Joey’s in Livonia.  I get a cut of the door for this show, so you should totally come out.  I’ll be rolling out some new jokes for this one…you’re intrigued.  I smell it.  Cover’s $5, show starts at 8, call 734-261-0555 for reservations.  You’ll need ’em.

I also have like a thousand open mics coming up so I can work on the stuff for the Thanksgiving show.  Hit me up for info if you’re interested.

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