Yay, me, part two

Dora Badger

My personal 24 Hour Challenge is over and I’ll be posting the results at A Scene A Day over the next day or so; they’ll be scheduled to run each day.  A few are up there already…I’ll be reviewing each of them once more before they post so I can keep my no-first-drafts promise to myself.

It’s been a productive day.  After the 24H nap, I sent off a few critiques and did some editing for various projects I’ve been working on and got back to work on the new design for Web Badger Design.  It’ll be live next week, because I’m a total G.


Today would have been more productive if I hadn’t gotten caught up in Chuck Palahniuk’s Snuff.  This is a novel about several people whose lives are just complete train wrecks, and yet I can’t stop laughing.  I haven’t finished it yet, so I won’t go into details – but I will say that, once again, he’s managed to take some truly horrific material and work with it in a brutal yet somehow sensitive fashion.  Palahniuk does workshop some of his work, and I just wish that I had been there for Porn Film Titles Day.  I mean, our writers’ group is fun but, you know, we’re taking our writing prompts from pictures of apples and things like that.  …btw, there are a lot of hilarious titles; I suspect CP had a personal challenge to not go more than 300 words without throwing in a porn film title.

Again, I have no idea what type of ending this book will have – although I can’t see how it could possibly be happy – and I’m still willing to wholeheartedly recommend it.  The Detroit Public Library has a copy at the Main Branch in the General Fiction stacks, so you can even check it out for free.  Once you’ve come down off the Inauguration High, scoot over to DPL and prepare to get lost in the funniest, saddest porn industry novel you’ve ever read.

Added on Jan. 25, 2010: Yeah, not exactly a happy ending, and definitely a bit of a turn from what I’d expected when I wrote the above.  It was, however, a redemptive one.  I am now able to recommend this book even more strongly.

I still wish I had been at the workshop.

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