Dora Badger
Liquid courage before the show @ Caribbean Jerk's in Columbus, OH

I have several shows scheduled over the next few weeks.  Here’s a sample:

Tuesday, July 27th – 8:00 pm – $5 cover – Joey’s Comedy Club, Livonia, MI – Rapid Fire Open Mic: 30 comics, 3 minutes each, 90 minutes of non-stop laughs…if you’ve ever wanted me to get to the point, come to this show.  <- update: this show was a blast, and I got to hang out with some old friends.  If you missed it, you really missed out!

Wednesday, July 28th – 9:30 pm – FREE! – Warfield Grill & Golf, Fraser, MI – Not Your Everyday Bar Open Mic.  This show is a blast, except when it’s not.  Of course, the beers are cheap and the food is great so you’ll have a pretty good time no matter what.  <- update: Matt McClowry and Mike Bobbitt owned this one, but the other comics brought great enthusiasm and NEW JOKES to the stage (nearly everyone had something new); it was great fun, and a helluva show.

Thursday, July 29th – 10:30 pm – FREE! – Club Bart, Ferndale, MI – Not For the Weak Open Mic.  Says it all.  <- missed it; I was in Ann Arbor most of the day and wound up sleeping for the rest of the day…next week, y’all.

Monday, August 2nd – 8:00 pm – $5 cover – 8:00 pm – $5 cover – Joey’s Comedy Club, Livonia, MI – their standard open mic: 8 or 9 comics, 7 or 8 minutes each, great sets by great performers, including me.

Friday and Saturday, August 6-7 – time & location TBD – filming for my MATM audition tape.  Children of all ages are welcome to come and watch me explain bubbles, baking soda volcanoes, and black holes.

I also have a shot at an emcee slot at Chaplin’s (I’ll know soon and will let you know once I have the info) and I’ll be at the Funny Bone in Columbus, OH on August 17th…and, of course, there will be many many other open mics and other gigs.  Details coming soon.

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  1. badger1 says:

    See, I have a new gig already: Open Mic Night for the Homeless.

    It will be held at The Rusty Nail – 35703 Groesbeck in Clinton Township, MI. This benefit is FREE. A portion of all bar proceeds will go to a local homeless shelter, and they’ll also have a donations box for canned food, personal hygiene items, and the like. Details are on the benefit’s Facebook page.

  2. Michelle says:

    Dang it… Why I gotta find out you’re at Joey’s after I already got back here. I was out there today. Oh, that Month at the Museum thing? That freekin’ rocks.

  3. Michelle says:

    And I assume you know just how freekin’ huge that museum is… we used to try to get in and sneak around in the “closed off” areas where they were supposed to have secret collections. never really got far.

    1. badger1 says:

      I finally got my app turned in, MAN what a tragedy of errors.

      …wait, comedy. Comedy of errors.

      (it was kind of tragic, really)

  4. badger1 says:

    I’ll be @ Joey’s on Monday too, hint, hint.

    & yeah, the MATM thing IS cool! I’m scripting out my audition tape right now…if I make it to the voting round I’ll let you know.

  5. badger1 says:

    The benefit was a blast! My clip is here: There’s no name on my clip; it’s the one right under Dave Marquez.

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