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I’m adding a new category to Market of the Week.

A number of smaller print and online magazines have decided to use their editorial budgets to offer writing ‘prizes’ to work they’ve accepted for publication.  When your piece is accepted by these markets, your piece automatically goes into a competition pool.  The best work (usually as determined by the editors) for each issue receives a monetary prize.  The rest of the accepted stories, poems, etc. are published in the same issue as the winning piece and receive a smaller cash payment, payment in issues (if it’s a print publication), or no payment at all.

Camera Obscura, Vol. 2

This week’s Contest-type Market of the Week is Camera Obscura.  From their website: “…a biannual independent literary journal and internet haunt featuring contemporary literary fiction & photography. Contributors include established, as well as, emerging writers and photographers.”

This publication has a print version and an online edition.  The work is of a consistently high quality, and their following continues to grow.  They accept short stories and photographs, and are currently open for both.

From their website: Photography contest winners receive $1200 in the professional category and $300 amateur category, plus publication in the Camera Obscura Journal as the featured photographer. Finalists also receive publication in the magazine and other prizes worth over $1000.

The writing award is $1000 for the best work of literary fiction, as determined by the editors, that appears in each issue of the literary journal. All stories accepted for publication are eligible. A short story, novella, or exceptional piece of flash fiction all stand an equal chance for this award based on the merit of the work.

The deadline for the photography contest is March 15, 2011. No deadlines are posted for prose, but their Summer issue comes out on June 1st.  If you have a great piece of fiction almost ready to go, I’d recommend polishing and submitting it quickly for a shot at the Summer issue.

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