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This week’s paying market is an absurdist journal out of Massachusetts.  Bust Down The Door And Eat All The Chickens specializes in humorous bizarro, slipstream, and absurdist fiction.  Their ‘zine is published in print a few times a year; they typically also publish one or two online editions per year.

From their Guidelines page: “We are seeking stories of an absurdist and surrealist nature for our next print issue. They should be between 2000 and 5000 words. YOUR STORY WILL BE REJECTED IF IT DOES NOT MEET THIS REQUIREMENT (although being a couple of hundred words off is permissible).

The stories should not fit comfortably within any genre.

We prefer fun, humorous stories where impossible things happen. It must be able to grab our attention from the very first line. And make every word count.

Our favorite authors include Steve Aylett, D. Harlan Wilson, Steve Erickson, and Mark Leyner.”

Huh. Mine too.

Now the important stuff: payment is $10 and one author’s copy.  That’s a below-token payment of 2/10 of a cent per word if you submit a 5,000-word piece, and a decent payment of 0.5 cents per word for a 2,000-word story.  You can view their current issue online at no charge; please note, it does take a few minutes to load.

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  1. badger1 says:

    Yeah, none of those ‘possibly related posts’ ever relate to my blog posts.

    I can’t be too upset, though — I do love a good chicken quesadilla recipe.

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