Menace and Whimsy

Yep. It's a pretty good day.

I almost forgot all about this whole shameless self-promotion thing.

An excerpt from my (as yet untitled) NaNoWrimo’d novel will be published in the Spring issue of A cappella Zoo.  The excerpt, “These Troubles, Oh No”, was accepted pdq; the editor called me just a couple of days after I had submitted it.  This really made my day, since I’ve been trying to get a piece in there for some time.  He made a great day even better by telling me that the editorial team wasn’t “quite sure what it is, but we have to publish it” and that they liked the sense of “menace and whimsy that pervades the story.”

That last bit is my new favorite thing I’ve ever had said about my writing.  According to my mother, ‘menace and whimsy’ is also a good description of my personality.

Thanks, Mom.  You’ll get the first t-shirt.

Huge thanks go to my awesome daughter for stopping me at the wait-a-minute-what?! point in my initial description and saying “wait a minute – what?!”  Thanks also to my SO for cracking up at the funny bits – even the creepy ones; my writers’ group for their comments; NaNoWriMo for the kick in the ass; and to my carny family, the scary-bright children of Harms Elementary School, and the incomparable R.A. Lafferty for the inspiration.

Seriously: if you don’t know who R.A. Lafferty is, then find a friend who does and borrow Nine Hundred Grandmothers from her.  Skip ahead to “Narrow Valley” and then go back and read the rest of the book.  You’ll thank me —  ‘menace and whimsy’ are not nearly strong enough descriptors for Lafferty’s writing, but they’re great starting points.

Anyway, the novel’s undergoing revisions right now and should be ready to shop around in about six months. I’m confident that I will have come up with a title by then.

From a member of my writers' group to two of the story's characters.



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  1. badger1 says:


    Issue 6 of A cappella Zoo is now in print. You can also find several of the stories from that issue online, with more to come over the month of April.

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