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Comedy Dates

April 18, 8pm @ Joey’s Comedy Club in Livonia – I’ve been invited to participate in their annual Ladies Night of Comedy. I’m sharing the stage with some of Detroit’s funniest women.

May 8, 8pm @ Monte’s in Mt. Clemens – I’m MCing this show.  The truly hilarious  Bob Phillips is the feature and Homeless Comedy Tour veteran Amaru Lewis will be headlining.  This will be a fantastic show.

I can also be found at open mics and various smaller – but still awesome – shows around town.  FB cousins, watch my profile for updates.  Everyone else, get in touch through WP or follow me on Twitter to learn about my other shows.

Craphouse Updates

I’m sick of paying rent!  So we’re moving in the week of May 1st.  We just wrapped up Dumpster Day v.2 – can v.3 be far behind?  No, it cannot.  D-Day 3 will be held on Saturday, April 16th. Yes, this means that by the end of our bare-bones reno we will have had to rent three separate dumpsters just to move in. If you know me out in The World and feel like helping me banish indoor-outdoor carpet from my life once and for all, get in touch and I’ll give you the details.

CH Planting Day will be on Saturday, April 23rd. I have three flats of plants ready to go in the ground now – one from the very cool herb vendors at Detroit’s Eastern Market and tw0 that I planted myself – and will have two more flats, along with numerous boxed plants like strawberries & etc. ready to go by the 23rd.  We’ll have the yard cleaned up by then but will need help assembling the last of the raised planters and actually planting the 300 or so flowers, fruits, and vegetables I’ll be packing into our massive garden.  Again, if you know me For Reals and feel like grubbing in the dirt for a few hours and then kicking back with beer, food and music, contact me for more info.

Updates to the Craphouse blog, including pictures, will be loaded after Tax Day.  That blog’s been badly neglected, so be sure to check it on April 17th for my latest insights on cleaning up after squatters, dealing with SE Michigan contractors – for example, the plumbing company with Detroit in the name and with offices right in the middle of downtown Detroit which refuses to serve Detroit residents – and DIY mold remediation tips.

Here’s a teaser. The first tip is: don’t do it.

Seriously. If you’re flat broke like I am and absolutely have to do it yourself, you should still find a way to have someone else do it for you. Of course, this may not be possible.

There is no way in hell that I now possess or will ever have enough cash to pay someone else to do it all. Although my friends are amazing and will haul endless debris for pizza and beer, there are limits to any friendship; the phrase “Toxic Mold” pretty much sums up where those limits begin, so mold remediation has become my obsession, my personal hell, and the root of my recent Benadryl addiction.

Check out the Craphouse blog on April 17th for the detailed description of my descent into the 9th Circle of Lysol toxicity and paper suit hate and rage.

I’m also starting a Facebook fan page for the Craphouse.  I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go.

Around Detroit: Eastern Market’s Flower Day

I almost always miss this event.  No more!

Flower Day is one of the nation’s largest flower shows, where you can get great deals on everything from prizewinning rose strains to scrappy, little-known herbs like rue.  The crowds are huge, but the energy is fantastic.  If you get there early, you can usually get out pretty quickly; if you arrive after about 1pm, vendors will be anxious to unload their largest or most expensive plants and you can often negotiate as much as half off some of the best blooms.

Flower Day will be held on Sunday, May 15th this year. You can find more information on Eastern Market’s website.

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  1. badger1 says:

    Quick CH update: D-Day 3 has been pushed back to April 30th, and Planting Day is TBD, probably April 27th or May 4rd.

    The new CH blog post @ the actual blog will go up April 28th…between the taxes and the discovery of another patch of mold (and a sudden day job issue — no worries, it worked out for the best) it got set on the back burner yet again. I have the 28th off, though, so no excuses! In the meantime, I’ve posted some bloglets and a few pics at the CH’s Facebook page. Check it out if you wanna.

  2. badger1 says:

    Also, I wound up MCing @ the Ladies’ Night show – it was a benefit for the local district of Zonta International – and I Frickin’. Nailed. It.

    I was a little nervous about the Monte’s show, since Bob Phillips is amazing and Amaru Lewis is kind of a big deal, but now I’m really looking forward to the 8th!

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