Flower Day Recap and a Quickie Craphouse Update

Flower Day was a blast!

It rained like crazy, the temperature was five degrees less than comfortable for the clothes I was wearing, the wind kept blowing my hair into my face and the faces of those around me (couldn’t find a ponytail holder, sorry Eastern Marketers), and I’m on the tail end of a nasty case of walking pneumonia.

So what! I made it to my first Flower Day in three years — and since bracing a very, very unsafe floor joist at the Craphouse came in under budget, I had some real cash to spend at Flower Day for the first time in almost ten years.

For less than $90 I managed to find some great plants for the Craphouse garden and for inside the house, including the hard-to-find but crazy awesome Rue, a few hanging-basket type plants, bunches of veggies, and about twelve different varieties of pepper.   Yep.  I like peppers.  Sweet, hot, very hot, chemical-weapons-grade-hot: they’re all fantastic.  Also: I’m not so great at canning things but I am amazing at drying them, and most peppers are just as tasty dried.

Anyhow, it’s going to keep raining like crazy for the next few days, so I won’t be working in the garden until next weekend…but now I’ll have plenty of time to build some more raised boxes so I can have them all ready to go once the rain stops.

In other Craphouse news, building the raised boxes has given me some much-needed confidence: I am finally beginning to believe that I can screw two pieces of wood together and not only will they not explode, they’ll probably look pretty darn good.  I have discovered renewed energy for the monstrous amount of drywalling that is going to be involved in getting us moved into the CH, and I’ve been burning up my poor little 6 amp drill with all of the patching.  Our walls are still pretty ugly, but one of the non-negotiable move-in items on our checklist is patching all of the holes that are in reach of the Pitsenji.  She’s still a puppy, after all, and just dumb enough to stick her face into a hole in the wall and cut herself, get stuck, or worse.

So we have some fugly patches up, and will be taping and plastering over the next few days.  The SO has nearly finished stripping the paneling in the Serial Killer Room; sanding and painting are not far behind.  I am also still cleaning the basement and hauling out (please, please) the last of the debris for a final Dumpster Day.  AND, I have decided to use my new drilling-things-together skills to convert the World’s Stupidest Access Doors  into the World’s Tiniest Closets.  Once I’ve mastered the fine points of installing teeny tiny shelves into teeny tiny closets, I figure I’ll be ready to rebuild the bathroom wall (another non-negotiable checklist item).

Along with all of the above, I wrapped up another short story; kicked ass as MC for a comedy fundraiser this weekend; and not only attended my first business conference as an independent businessperson but landed two new web design clients.  As you can probably imagine, I’ve been way too busy to sort through photos – but some time this week I will post pics of the work in progress on the Craphouse FB page; I’ll update y’all here when they’re up.

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