Step Aside, George…

…it’s the Summer of Dora.  So many amazing things are happening right now, my carpal tunnel will explode out of my hands and onto the keyboard if I try to type them all.

This will be a very brief post, as I need to cross at least one Craphouse item off of my to-do list each day, and it’s 10:14pm already.   To be honest, I’ll probably wimp out and settle for hauling over a load of folding chairs. We’re moving non-valuables to the Craphouse this week, to make the task of moving the Really Important Stuff over in the Official Move that much easier…and holy jeezum crow, do we have a lot of folding chairs.

We’re moving quickly on the Craphouse work.  I am hoping we can move in within the next few weeks.  This may be an impossible task, since so much of the house is still covered in debris from the latest round of demo – but in early August I’m flying down to Florida to film Lil Bro #2’s pilot.

You heard me.  I’ll be playing Nosy Neighbor #1.  Apparently, I get to wear stilettos…looks like I’ll be hitting the gym for the next several weeks, as bloated as these boats are right now even drag queen shoes will be too narrow.

The show’s called The Village Idiots.  You can check out their new blog and Facebook page (designed by yours truly – yet more portfolio padding, huzzah).  Like the FB page if you’re so inclined, it’ll make LB#2 smile.

I have a short story, Mirabilis, up at Mirror Dance Magazine.   I also have a rocking hot new cop car to drive.  And most of the plants that I actually managed to plant are doing well.

10:20 already? Gotta go, photos coming soon – for real, this time – along with a Thief Shoes update on the CH Facebook page.

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