Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance

The plot is simple, and familiar: an Evil Madman rides into a small town with a pack of berserkers and they wreak bloody havoc on the citizenry. In D. Harlan Wilson’s hands, this simple and familiar plot becomes something utterly bizarre, wickedly satirical, and downright hilarious.

RIP Sonar4 Ezine, Long Live Sonar4 Publications

As many of you know, I was (briefly) a reviewer and one of the fiction editors for Sonar4 Ezine.  I was pleased to work with Shells Walter and the rest of the Sonar4 gang during my time there.  Sadly, the ezine has been set on the back burner so that Sonar4 can expand their publication…

Detroit Summer

The weekly update of my Around Detroit page is complete.  There’s new info about The Heidelberg Project’s annual festival, Belle Isle happenings, and more!  New content is added every Sunday morning.  Check it out to learn about upcoming events (family-friendly and otherwise) in The 313.


I have several shows scheduled over the next few weeks.  Here’s a sample: Tuesday, July 27th – 8:00 pm – $5 cover – Joey’s Comedy Club, Livonia, MI – Rapid Fire Open Mic: 30 comics, 3 minutes each, 90 minutes of non-stop laughs…if you’ve ever wanted me to get to the point, come to this…

Yay, me, part two

My personal 24 Hour Challenge is over and I’ll be posting the results at A Scene A Day over the next day or so; they’ll be scheduled to run each day.  A few are up there already…I’ll be reviewing each of them once more before they post so I can keep my no-first-drafts promise to…

Suffering for my art

The hours and HOURS of typing and writing for the 24H Challenge & etc. kicked the Carpal Tunnel into high gear, so I couldn’t type for a couple of days.  I’m back at it now and will complete the uploads of the 24H Challenge scenes.  There are a few more on the other site and…

24 Hour Challenge update

This is much harder than I thought it would be.  12.5 hours to go, and I’m not even halfway finished. Completed scenes will be posted on A Scene A Day, and believe me all 24 will get done.  So stay tuned!

I Am Insightful, Important, Witty and Hot

So: lately I’ve been feeling validated all over the place, except when I’m not. I’ve been hired on as the copy editor at Sonar4.  I still need to post my bio, but I’m the copy editor, I swear.  Which means, of course, that if you see any grammatical errors in the current issue they’re all…

I almost forgot!

Detroit Stand Up is live! Check it out. Chili Challis, Pete Weiss, Mike Ramey, Andy Beningo and Jeff Priskorn all contributed excellent pieces.  Thanks again to all of you for contributing, and to the comics who sent me dates for the calendar.  Stay tuned for updates.

Letter to the Editor: You Know Who You Are

About halfway through a book I was recently asked to review, I updated the status on my Facebook profile to read: Dora Badger doesn’t quite know what to say. I finished reading the book a few minutes ago.  I actually know exactly what to say

Yada yada yada

Note: This blog is also on my MySpace page, so if you’ve already read that one you don’t have to read this one.  Go grab a glass of wine and Crooked Little Vein and have a great night. Book review stuff Okay. So I have another book review up at sonar4 ezine. They have a…

Yay for me

I’ve picked up a new gig as one of the reviewers for Sonar4 Ezine.  They are a sci-fi & horror ezine and they do good work.  My reviews will begin going up in March; in the meantime SF and horror fans should check them out. Just living the dream, yo. Update: July 1, 2010 –…