New CH Note (FB)

This weekend will be a milestone in the Craphouse renovation (can I call it a renovation at this point, when it’s really more of a make-it-moderately-sanitary-so-we-can-at-least-move-in-ovation?) — I’m kicking the weekend off with a big ol’ mess of plaster.

Quick Update

The Craphouse Chronicles’ new blog pages will be up soon.  We’ve found some hideous house-eating fungus @ the CH and my days have been all about that for the past week or so.  I’ll update you here and on our new Facebook fan page once the new blog is up! Also: the next (and hopefully…

New Craphouse Chronicles Content on FB

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’ve posted some new content on the CH’s awesome FB page: a few fun pics, a couple of snarky comments.   There is a lot more to come in the days ahead, stay tuned!

The Craphouse’s Facebook Page Is Up

You can find the Craphouse’s new Facebook page here.  Be sure to Like it so I can harness the awesome power of social media and keep you up-to-date on new blog posts, exclusive pics that won’t be posted in the blog albums, and in-the-moment reactions when yet another jackass walks off with something of mine….

Mark Your Calendars

Comedy Dates April 18, 8pm @ Joey’s Comedy Club in Livonia – I’ve been invited to participate in their annual Ladies Night of Comedy. I’m sharing the stage with some of Detroit’s funniest women. May 8, 8pm @ Monte’s in Mt. Clemens – I’m MCing this show.  The truly hilarious  Bob Phillips is the feature…


I love ’em. Who doesn’t?  I also love talking about ’em…but I’m a natural-born lazy-ass and in-depth reviews which take into account the director’s past work, actors’ growth as artists, and the entire history of cinematography and the technology behind filmmaking are not going to come from me. So I’m going to start rating movies…

Menace and Whimsy

I almost forgot all about this whole shameless self-promotion thing. An excerpt from my (as yet untitled) NaNoWrimo’d novel will be published in the Spring issue of A cappella Zoo.  The excerpt, “These Troubles, Oh No”, was accepted pdq; the editor called me just a couple of days after I had submitted it.  This really…

Market of the Week – Paying

This week’s paying market is an absurdist journal out of Massachusetts.  Bust Down The Door And Eat All The Chickens specializes in humorous bizarro, slipstream, and absurdist fiction.  Their ‘zine is published in print a few times a year; they typically also publish one or two online editions per year.

Market of the Week: Contest-type

I’m adding a new category to Market of the Week. A number of smaller print and online magazines have decided to use their editorial budgets to offer writing ‘prizes’ to work they’ve accepted for publication.  When your piece is accepted by these markets, your piece automatically goes into a competition pool.  The best work (usually…

The New Craphouse Site is Live

And it’s pretty damn sweet, if I say so myself. You can check it out here.  There isn’t much new content yet (although my brother had some fun questions for the FAQ page), but there is a rocking sweet Links page…scroll down for my favorite online animations, and then feel free to hop over to…