Menace and Whimsy

I almost forgot all about this whole shameless self-promotion thing. An excerpt from my (as yet untitled) NaNoWrimo’d novel will be published in the Spring issue of A cappella Zoo.  The excerpt, “These Troubles, Oh No”, was accepted pdq; the editor called me just a couple of days after I had submitted it.  This really…

Market of the Week – Paying

This week’s paying market is an absurdist journal out of Massachusetts.  Bust Down The Door And Eat All The Chickens specializes in humorous bizarro, slipstream, and absurdist fiction.  Their ‘zine is published in print a few times a year; they typically also publish one or two online editions per year.

Market of the Week: Contest-type

I’m adding a new category to Market of the Week. A number of smaller print and online magazines have decided to use their editorial budgets to offer writing ‘prizes’ to work they’ve accepted for publication.  When your piece is accepted by these markets, your piece automatically goes into a competition pool.  The best work (usually…

Market of the Week: Paying

Cafe Irreal publishes fiction which “rejects the tendency to portray people and places realistically and the need for a full resolution to the story; instead, it shows us a reality constantly being undermined” (from the website).  If you plan to submit to this market, it’s absolutely critical that you check out their Theory and Archives…

Market of the Week: Non-Paying

Black Words on White Paper is a monthly magazine.  It’s available online and in print.  Each month they publish a White Cover version for the general public, and a Black Cover issue for mature readers only. They accept poetry and prose.  Online issues are complete, but you can also order print copies from Lulu.  Submissions…

We’ll Be Moving Soon

This blog will be moving to a new site in early September.  The new site is more visually appealing and easier for me to administer.  Details are coming soon.

RIP Sonar4 Ezine, Long Live Sonar4 Publications

As many of you know, I was (briefly) a reviewer and one of the fiction editors for Sonar4 Ezine.  I was pleased to work with Shells Walter and the rest of the Sonar4 gang during my time there.  Sadly, the ezine has been set on the back burner so that Sonar4 can expand their publication…

Suffering for my art

The hours and HOURS of typing and writing for the 24H Challenge & etc. kicked the Carpal Tunnel into high gear, so I couldn’t type for a couple of days.  I’m back at it now and will complete the uploads of the 24H Challenge scenes.  There are a few more on the other site and…

24 Hour Challenge update

This is much harder than I thought it would be.  12.5 hours to go, and I’m not even halfway finished. Completed scenes will be posted on A Scene A Day, and believe me all 24 will get done.  So stay tuned!

Letter to the Editor: You Know Who You Are

About halfway through a book I was recently asked to review, I updated the status on my Facebook profile to read: Dora Badger doesn’t quite know what to say. I finished reading the book a few minutes ago.  I actually know exactly what to say

Shameless Self-Promotion

I will be presenting a workshop at the upcoming Rochester Writers Conference.  The Conference will be held on October 11 on the Rochester College campus in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  From their website: