Novel Update

Mallam Galadima Ahmadu with Jamis, Abuja, Nigeria 2007, (c) Pieter Hugo

After a great deal of thought and some lengthy discussion with – oh, a lot of people – about where to start the novel, I decided to scrap the prologue – at least, as a prologue.  I’ll still be using parts of the prologue as backstory.  I made the change because the story of how Glen and Marita met isn’t nearly as critical at the very beginning of the novel as just getting into the action.  It also seemed a bit arbitrary to begin the book four years before any of the major events take place.

It’s the right decision. It is…

…but I really liked that scene.

Why a hyena?  Hyenas were my primary inspiration for the character of Kura-Kusu (don’t worry, I’m not pulling him from the book).

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