As a web designer who specializes in site upgrades, I always find it exciting when a favorite website gets a facelift.  Duotrope, one of the best resources for writers on the web, recently updated the look of their website.  It has a tiny bit of new content and the same great search features as before.  Check ’em out:

The new search page has all of the options you know & love, but with a sleek new look.

The search results for humorous horror magazines with a payment of semi-pro & above. They’ve kept the same icons but upgraded the page layout. The overall feel is more modern and professional than their previous design.  The site’s response time is also faster than ever before.

Duotrope has operated as a free resource for writers since 2005. Almost everyone in my writing circles has used them to locate the best possible markets for their work.  

Duotrope is staffed by a number of programmers, database management types, and so on, all of whom work for rates far below their market value (sometimes they don’t even make minimum wage).  In the past year, they haven’t even made enough to pay their staff a living wage since hosting, rent, and other inflexible business costs must come first.  If you’ve found Duotrope a valuable resource, please consider contributing – they make it super-easy to donate even tiny amounts, and a one-time donation of a few bucks or a recurring donation of even $2/month will go a long way toward them keeping the site open to all.

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