Market Monday: The Shining Star of Dark Fiction

Shimmer is one of the leading markets for dark and fantastic fiction. This magazine produces beautiful digital and print editions several times a year.  They accept work up to 5,000 words (this is a hard limit; work that goes over at all must be queried first).  Payment is 5¢/word and starts at $10.00. Their guidelines are concise, and they’ve even included some insider tips on their blog – for example, they’ve seen too many werewolf detective stories.

Yes, really. Apparently that’s a thing. So stop it.

So Scooby-Doo’s ferocious older brother is out; so are unicorns and mermaids…but if you have something truly menacing or a lovely bit of slipstream, send it their way. This is one market that serious genre writers should try to add to their list of credits.

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