Toon Tuesday: Always Keep Promises to Wolves

French animator Jeff Le Bars’ Carn is a rich, beautiful story of a pact between an injured mother wolf and a lost little boy.

This piece was created as Le Bars’ graduation film for École Emile Cohl in Lyon. It’s already won several awards, most notably the Audience Award at the 2013 Courts Devants in Paris. Le Bars did the story work, editing, and visuals by himself; the only collaboration was on the audio, which was produced by Sylvain Livenais (who has worked with him on other short films).

While many student graduation films are passion projects and therefore at least visually interesting, it’s rare to see a grad short with such a strong story, well-produced visuals, and such a professional feel overall. Check it out:

Once you’ve watched this short, pop over to Le Bars’ website and bookmark that bastard; if this is his student work, we can expect truly great things from his professional portfolio. If I hadn’t already identified my dream cover/trailer artist for Uncurled (more on that later) I’d definitely consider hiring this dude – and never mind that he’s French and not Latin@. The guy’s just that good.

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