Release Updates!

I’ve recently had two stories released:

I have an amazing camera. I do not have amazing photography skills.

I have an amazing camera. I do not have amazing photography skills.

“Lemonade Songs” is now available in French! You can find it in Dreampress’ Ténèbres 2015. The table of contents features some of my favorite authors, including Amanda C. Davis, Mort Castle, and Lawrence C. Connolly. This was one of my dream markets for years, so I’m utterly over the moon to be in this year’s book. AND I got my copy on my birthday. Which was easily the most magical thing to happen to me in a while. If you want to check out my story but don’t read French, you can pick up a copy in English here.

“Terrible Fish” is appearing in Flapperhouse #6. Their description of the issue lists a lot of awesome things; mine is the mirror magic one. PDFs of Flapperhouse are $3.00 each, and print copies are just $6.00. I’m side-by-side with some of the most exciting up-and-coming writers around (Zain Saeed, Alison McBain, and Kailey Tedesco especially stand out) so, again, I’m beyond geeked about this publication.

As far as upcoming stuff goes, I’ve been working like a demon on the Charley Cat cycle and the thing is finally coming together the way I want. It’s looking like I’ll be able to get the first book up in early August. I’ll post updates here before I post them anywhere else, so stay tuned.

And speaking of 1) birthday awesomeness and 2) Charley Cat: Awesome Daughter, who is the queen of amazing fan art, presented me with a really cool picture for my bday. So I’ll just sign off with this kickass drawing of Charley Cat, Jenny, and That Asshole, the Moon. Whee!



  1. Great news, and I love that drawing.

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