Oct. 2: Not Drunk Enough

Tessa Stone‘s new-ish comic Not Drunk Enough opened six months ago with the promise of bloodshed and weirdness, and has done an excellent job so far of delivering on that promise.

Logan is one of those late-night repair dudes who works overnight in corporate buildings. When what should have been a routine call goes horribly awry, he becomes trapped in a high-rise hellscape filled with all manner of man-made monsters.

This is the very first page.

This is the very first page. I mean, how cool is this?!

As I mentioned before, this comic’s only been around for about six months now — but Tessa has already managed to set up a fast-paced actioner with fun characters and so! Many! Monsters!

Click on the image above or follow this link to read the rest. You’ll want to catch up (at only 66 pages so far, it won’t take you too long) and then bookmark this one. Things can only get creepier from here…

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