Oct. 4: Bendito Machine 1: Everything You Need

Welcome to the first creepy animation to be featured in my October roundup! Zumbakamera‘s Bendito Machine 1: Everything You Need first appeared in 2009. It’s a dark little morality play on the perils of blind consumerism:

Jossie Malis Álvarez and the other Zumbakamera team members have since gone on to produce three more episodes of Bendito Machine, each one dealing with an aspect of life within a naive, short-sighted, and greedy species. You can find the rest of the episodes here.

Side note: Jossie Malis Álvarez also partnered with Paramotion Films to produce .SUB, a live-action short which features a different sort of fear: that of trying to make a home in a new country although you cannot be understood. Although this short film isn’t horror – or even creepy – it does tap into a common fear. .SUB is a gorgeous examination of alienation and the need to belong. Check it out:

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