Oct. 6: Bogeyman

In today’s featured horror short, a young boy is threatened by a malicious entity. Will he escape in time? 

Flipbook Studios‘ Bogeyman (2014) manages to pack a fully-developed horror story into just a few minutes of screen time…and I suspect the ending had viewers all over the world making plans to swap out a particular type of lock.

Check it out:

Wasn’t that cool? If you want a special treat,  you can visit Bogeyman‘s page over at Flipbook’s website and take a look at some of the storyboards and character designs.

Bogeyman reminded me a little bit of Guillermo del Toro’s work*, especially the bit where he makes you fall in love with his main characters and then does all sorts of vicious things to them…you know, everything that makes horror so much fun.

*Flipbook Studios did contribute CGI work to the award-winning short film The Captured Birdwhich del Toro executive produced.

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