Oct. 8: Soul to Call

Katherine Lang‘s Soul to Call is a classic postapocalyptic tale: after two-thirds of the earth’s population is destroyed due to an event known simply as The Fall, otherworldly abominations begin to roam and feed upon the survivors.  In the midst of all of this chaos, one young girl sets out to find a missing family member. To do this she must first track down an Anathema, a powerful being whose abilities will help her safely navigate the horrifying wasteland the world has become.

Best apocalypse summation ever.

Best apocalypse summation ever.

Soul to Call has a wonderful main character in Avril. She’s a courier in a land where most people quite sensibly stay at home, and even without an Anathema would be uniquely suited to her quest. She’s also smart enough to realize she’ll still need help, though, and usually smart enough to overcome her pride and take it when it’s offered.

This comic is packed with action, gore, and heart — just like I like ’em. It updates on Mondays and Fridays. Click on the image above or check it out here; if you enjoy it, please consider contributing to the artist’s Patreon campaign as well.

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