Let’s Try This Again

I bought the Craphome in 2008, and started the original Craphouse Chronicles blog shortly afterward. Not long after we moved in (November, 2011) I stopped updating it in any meaningful fashion because the place didn’t have central heat (it still doesn’t) and that first winter was cold. We had all we could handle just trying to keep warm. 

By 2013, we had a new dog and a leaking roof and I needed every extra penny for Craphome Things, so I deleted the paid blog. I backed it up in hopes of loading it onto a free platform, but never got around to it. Now it’s 2017 – four years and one computer later – and I can’t find my backup files. I have the pictures – hundreds of them, maybe thousands – but not the text. I do have my handwritten notes from that time. SO OLD SCHOOL but so very useful.

I’m rebuilding the blog just as I’m rebuilding a lot of things in my life right now (what things? -they’ll come up as we go along). A lot of my original material was cross-posted to Facebook, but much of it wasn’t. I know a lot of folks have wanted to see the progress we’ve made, but I haven’t really kept on top of posting.

I’m going to go through what we’ve done and what we’re doing this year (and beyond) in as orderly a fashion as I can. I’ll start by re-posting quite a bit of old material just to catch everyone up, but since we have a lot on deck this spring you’ll be getting some of those stories too. I’m hoping to get caught up on all of our renovation tales to date by the end of 2018. By that time it’ll be ten years’ worth of stories…and with luck, we’ll have actually done ten years’ worth of work on the place by then.

PS, the image to the left is a photograph of the partial wall in our 1st floor kitchen after I pulled down the original nasty wallpaper and rotting plaster. Stripping it down to the studs was actually quite an improvement.

PPS, the plant in that photo died a loonnnggg time ago. RIP Eastern Market plantsbasket.

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