Back Stairs To-Do List

You know how sometimes if your entire house has been a construction zone forever you’ll start setting stuff down almost anywhere and calling it “put away” as long as you aren’t literally tripping over it because after five years of walking through your own personal version of Lowe’s you have trouble envisioning any rooms in your home as being used for anything except paint storage?

What’s that? …just me?


Well anyway: that’s what happened to our back stairs.

We can get up and down them but it’s kind of rough, especially since the 9-foot piece of trim I removed from the second floor dining room is tucked into the stairwell. I’d like to start letting the upstairs dogs into the back yard through the back door this year, and clearing the steps so they can get down them easily is the first part of that. Anything else we can get done in that stairwell this season will be gravy, so my To-Do List here is pretty simple:

  • Clear any shit that is not stairs out of the rear stairwell. THAT’S IT, JUST DO THAT. Maybe mop the stairs a couple of times this year too but first and mostly MOVE THE TRIM AND THAT BOX AND THOSE GODDAMNED FLOWER POTS.

Easy peasy.

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