Front Entryway To-Do List

This seems like a logical follow-up to my earlier post about the back stairs.  That list has only one task, though…our front entryway needs a whole different level of work. Here’s what’s on deck:

  • Drywall the front panels (this has to wait until we make a $500 repair to the exterior concrete).
  • Demo the plaster on the south wall.
  • Insulate and drywall the south wall.
  • Spackle, prime, and paint the whole damn room.
  • Take the security bars off of the lower window.
  • Repair/caulk/clean windows.
  • Build removable screening units for the windows.
  • Replace the mismatched remainder fabric we’re currently using with actual window treatments.
  • Replace any broken tiles; grout and seal the tile floor.
  • Strip, stain, seal, and replace the baseboards.
  • Strip, stain, seal, and replace the banister.
  • Deep clean the steps and replace any irredeemably bent guards.
  • Repair the broken newel post cap.
  • Strip, stain, and seal the stair rail unit.
  • Create a small mosaic over the front door.
  • Replace the light bulbs on the lower landing.
  • Dismantle, replace, and paint ceiling (we’re going with something a little unconventional in the kitchen to save money…we may try that here, too) (no spoilers).
  • Deep clean the lower flat’s steel security door.
  • Repaint the lower flat’s security door and clean the glass.
  • Strip, seal, and paint the lower flat’s door.
  • Replace the doorknob and locks on the lower flat’s door.
  • Repair the lower flat’s threshold.
  • Repair the glass in the upper flat’s door.
  • Repair the plaster above the upper flat’s door.
  • Create a mosaic or a border or otherwise decorate the wall around the mirror at the top of the stairs.
  • Install coat hooks and a mail/umbrella/hat rack.
  • Build and paint a small storage shelf/seating area.

With the exception of the repair to the exterior concrete, we can do everything on this list with materials we already have on hand, or for less than $50 per bullet point. Most other rooms in the house need thousands of dollars’ worth of work, so this makes me very happy.

The entryway originally had ALL THE PANELING though and now the walls have ALL THE TINY NAIL HOLES so welcome to my Summer-o’-Spacklin’.

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