Attic Update – 6/12/17

We begin two months of heavy duty Craphoming next week, so this week’s update will be brief.

I know the photo to the left is terrible and it’s hard to see detail (looks like my GoPro knockoff camera is worth every penny of the $24.99 I spent on it) so let me break down what you’re seeing:

  • I organized and moved everything that we were storing on the south side of the attic (left-hand side of the photo) and swept up about 3/4 of the debris on that side.
  • I’ve been doing so much sweeping, y’all! I only have about a third of the original debris left. I had to stop when the weather turned, but our 90+ heatwave should break in a couple of days and I’ll be able to knock out the rest of it before the weekend.
  • There’s a brand spanking new concrete block and scrap lumber shelf up against the built-in closet and the stuff on it is all organized and sorted.
  • You can’t tell from this photo, but I’ve treated that side of the closet for mold and sanded it down. I wanted to move a crap ton of stuff into the attic and didn’t have time to paint it, so I just threw the shelves up. I’m going to hold off on treating the closet and will take care of that when we install the insulation in September.
  • I moved a crap ton of stuff into the attic and started organizing everything. Our ‘donate’ box just keeps getting bigger…I’d say we should have a garage sale, but I already have plenty to do this summer.

I mentioned the apparent DIY material hoarders’ paradise the Craphome has become on the CH’s Facebook page, but in case you missed it: stacks of construction materials fill six separate rooms in the Craphome.





With lumber, concrete blocks, drywall, insulation, tools, paint…if we need it for the Craphome, we probably have a good supply of it on hand. This year we’re going to use up as much of those materials as we can, and will store the rest in normal storage places (like the attic, basement, or garage) because we are motherfucking adults.

We will need to keep one storage/workroom on each floor for another couple of years while we are still doing major repairs (for now we’re going to use the Serial Killer Room on the 1st floor and the kitchen on the 2nd), but it’s time for us to start using the rest of the house like motherfucking adults. This week I began clearing out a couple of those rooms. I’m organizing spaces as I go along, rather than just making, say, a giant lumber pile in the attic. Doing it that way means progress has been slow. However, it’s also been steady: in the past couple of weeks I have managed to clear out half of the 2nd floor master bath and some of the 2nd floor dining room. Believe me when I say that makes me very very happy. We were even able to open up part of the dining room as a puppy play space — before this week, there was just too much construction junk in there to even consider it.

That’s today’s Attic Update. I’m gonna sign off now and see if I can track down my less-shitty camera for the Back Stairs To-Do List ‘before’ shots.

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