Ten Minutes After That

Laulo: “…we really don’t have time for another dog.”

Rosa: “At least these two are okay with him.”

The puppy avoided us, but came to life when we let Senior Dog and Pitsenji out to meet him. Pitsenji was happy to have a younger dog to play with, and Senior Dog sniffed deeply at the puppy’s stink for a minute or two before coming to us to beg for a snack.

Lots of dogs get dumped in Detroit, and we’ve picked up a few over the years that we had to take straight to a shelter. Senior Dog has met enough overnight dogs that he really doesn’t notice them any more…

…unless they have a truly colossal funk. After good-dog treats were handed out (the puppy refused his), Senior Dog continued to sniff at the new arrival.

Rosa: “I’ll start the bath.”

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