Fun With Names

From Rosa’s Facebook, April 18: 

Usually I have to carry HYF up the stairs or use one of the other dogs as a Judas Goat to lead him. Tonight he followed me up without any drama…

…until I noticed, and turned around. Then he ran back down the stairs and out of sight.

I was going to name him Eurydice, but if we do end up taking him to the pound and he’s been named it’ll tear me up like a pack of drunken Bacchantes; I’d be a lyre if I said otherwise.

Besides, I’m still half-waiting for the Humane Society to come by and give us a ticket of some sort…or fee us, that is.

People call me a punster. I tell ’em, “Styx and stones…”

Stop grimacing. It’s hardly a tragedy.

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