I Guess I Belong To Him Now

Seriously. Stop laughing.
Not funny, dude.

So I’ve been working on the computer all day, which makes the dogs desperate for attention.

Petting is pretty much first come, first served around here but if the whole damn pack comes over for attention at the same time, it goes in order of seniority: Senior Dog, Pitsenji, Hate You Forever.

Hate You Forever has learned to wait his turn with a decent amount of patience (for a dog).

HYF would still rather hang out with the dogs than with us and Senior Dog sleeps most of the day away. After the first few Pet-A-Thons, Pitsenji came up to me for petting every ten or fifteen minutes. HYF would trot along behind her to grab a quick belly rub before pulling her away to play some more.

A few minutes ago, HYF came over for petting first and Pitsenji tried to line-jump him. Pretty rude, but she is the senior dog and he knows better than to argue with her.

Instead, he looked her right in the eye and peed all over me.

Laughing dog.
…keep laughing, Dog.

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