Ringworm Follies

Sad Dog
April, 2014

HYF and Pitsenji both have ringworm 🙁 — just like with little kids, by the time you notice it, they all have it. Senior Dog escaped it, thankfully – probably because he doesn’t wrestle like the other two.

Anyway, the medication needs time to soak into their skin to be effective, which means no licking for at least an hour. We usually have a couple of those cones but we’re fresh out this week (and so was PetCo). So after the torture of applying the antifungal cream that first time (it doesn’t sting, so I’m not sure what the sad faces were for…maybe it’s because being made to hold still for 60 seconds is booorrrrinnnggg), we played like maniacs for an hour straight in the hopes they’d be too distracted to mess with the application site.

It worked, and of course that’s been the pattern ever since. It’s been a few days now, and they scamper right over for the medication because CrazyFunPlayTime follows immediately after.

Yep: for our dogs, ringworm is the Best. Thing. Ever.

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