A Conversation

Yep, he’s a pretty good dog these days.

Yep, that’s a scar on his nose.

Yep, that’s a chipped tooth.

Yeah, they’re both new.

Nope, he still doesn’t dig the cage.

I don’t know. No more than a few hours at a time, when neither of us is in the house – otherwise he’ll chew through the walls to come find us.

Yes, really.

Yeah, some dogs don’t fall for that “it’s a happy place!” horseshit.

Yep, that’s the cage right there.

Yep, the door does kind of look folded.

Yep, it is pretty hard to close.

With his face, apparently; hence the scar. Oh, and that one tooth.

Nope, the vet says if it’s not hurting him it’s okay to keep it in.

Yep, it looks awful.

Nope, I guess the nerves in their teeth aren’t as close to the surface as ours.

Yep, I freaked out a little.

Nope, we’re keeping this cage.

Yep, he stays in there pretty nicely these days.

What’s that? Oh: how do we keep him in there, when he was able to fold over a door made of 1/8″ metal rods? Twist ties.

A $100 cage can't hold him. A HOUSE WITH WALLS can't hold him. These can.
A $100 cage can’t hold him. A HOUSE WITH WALLS can’t hold him. These can.

Yep, the kind from a bread bag.

Nope, he hasn’t even tried since we started hooking them onto the cage door.

I don’t know, man. I just don’t know.

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