When You’ve Been Bad – GLBB Pre-Order


New edition! New stories!

This slim volume showcases Dora Badger’s dark speculative fiction. 140+ pages of tiny terrors to keep you up at night.

This special price is for Great Lakes Book Bash 2017 attendees only. If you are not able to attend the event, we will follow up with an invoice for shipping on October 30th. Pre-orders for this event end on October 14th.


The second edition of Dora Badger’s collected dark fiction.

-One man’s actions bring him into contact with the denizens of a remote forest.

-A surprising revolution is sparked by the closing of a spice shop.

-Fable and history clash in a freaky, fractured fairy tale for adults.

This slim volume brings together several short works of dark speculative fiction. Although short, the stories in this collection are certain to stay with you — and they may just keep you up tonight!


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