Market Monday: Red-Hawt Horror

Lurid Lit is a fun online and print ‘zine which has returned to the Web after a long break.  They are now accepting submissions of flash and short fiction, as well as reviews.  Payment is at the following rates:

Flash Fiction 500-1,000 words -$10
Short Story 1,000 – 3,000 words -$25
Non Fict. Article/Review 500-1,000 words -$10

The sheer enthusiasm of Lurid Lit’s editor for a particular type of scream queen smut makes this website a real hoot.  While I would have been pleased to see more stringent editorial standards, adherence to the AP Style or a slavish devotion to The Elements of Style isn’t what lurid literature is all about.   It’s about ghetto librettos and biker gangs, and Lurid Lit serves up plenty of both.

From their submission guidelines:

Looking for the literary equivalent of a good B-Movie. Sexy Nurses, Motorcycle Gangs, Bloody Revenge, Creatures that haunt the bayous, Exploitation Literature, fast fun reads that aren’t afraid to be called Lurid. That’s what Lurid Lit is about, and after a two year hiatus we’re back looking for the most shocking, horrifying, graphic, hard fiction we can find. Ripped right from the dingy screen on old 42nd street and bled on the virtual pages of Lurid Lit. Hard hitting fiction that can only be called LURID!

Easily some of the most fun you can have for free…and a damn fine way to make some extra cash.  I may just have to channel my inner gutter slut and crank out a bit of freaky flash for these guys.

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