Super Lazy Show Review: May 2016

Here’s another thing I saw, rated on a scale that I just made up. It doesn’t matter anyway because holy hell did this one blow.


Rating: What The Fuck Am I Watching? Was There A Writers’ Strike On When This Came Out? Did They Have To Hire The Unabomber To Write TV Shows? Who Greenlit This? Please Tell Me They Were Fired. Am I Overthinking Things? See, Spending My Time On Shit Like This Is Why I’ll Never Get Anywhere In Life.

I remember enjoying this back in 1995, which is all you need to know about how stupid I was during my young adulthood.

There’s a description at the link above, but if you don’t want to click through then here’s a synopsis: half a dozen C-list actors phone in their worst performances ever in the world’s lamest and most confusing global conspiracy series. BOOM. Whatever terrible global conspiracy series you’re thinking of right now is A+ fare compared to Nowhere Man.

Oofdah, was this thing tiresome. It was last-episode-of-the-original-series-Prisoner bad, and it didn’t even have Leo McKern to soften the blow. You know what? Don’t even finish reading this piece. Just visit Leo’s IMDB page instead. In fact, I’m gonna grab a bottle of scotch and cue up some Rumpole right now…with any luck, that’ll scrub the last few hours right out of my brain.

I’m not putting up a trailer because if I encourage you to spend even two minutes paying attention to this shitstorm then I’m part of the problem.

Bonus Rating: Avoid. Like Fire.

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