Terrible Drabble: Puffin Honey

puffin-honey-fwIt isn’t really honey, of course, any more than the fat birdlike things which produce it are really puffins. Extracting the sleepy golden gel is simple: use the collection comb to brush your puffin with a gentle downward motion, and let the drops slide into the attached bottle.

Eating it is harder.

You’ve seen the challenge videos: cameras shaking with their friends’ laughter when the eater begins foaming at the first drop, the shuddering blur when an eater’s eyes fizz up whiteblackred and they stretch their sudden palps, the chattering static dancing across the screen, and the final garbled screams.

I’ll be posting some creepy drabble (100-word stories) inspired by random word pairs here every Thursday for a while. I’m planning to do this for a few months or until I get sick of this particular writing exercise. So this might only last a few weeks, I dunno.

I’m new to the drabble thing so give me a few posts to learn how to not suck at it, yeah?

All images = supplied by Pixabay.com & Photoshopped by me unless otherwise indicated.

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